Stow tyres is a one-stop tyre shop offering quality tyres at competitive prices. We offer all-season tyres whether you are looking for winter tyres, summer tyres, budget, new or part worn tryes.

Winter tyres

Sometimes overlooked due to the mild winters in the UK, winter tyres are the best choice for those that see low temperatures for long periods of time, such as Northern England, Scottish Highlands and Rural England where ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures are frequent through the coldest months. 

Summer tyres

Summer tyres are the most popular tyre sold in the UK, largely down to the economic factors, summer tyres are fitted to brand new cars as standard. Premium and budget tyre ranges offer a warm weather tyre. In the UK summer tyres are usually able to warm up from ten-degree celsius or fifty degrees Fahrenheit, this means that for spring.

Part Worn Tyres

A cheaper option to new tyres is part worn, these are tyres that have come from either crashed vehicles with the tyres being salvaged or when tyres are replaced sooner than necessary. 

Budget tyres

Budget tyres is a large market, new tyres with lots of tread depth, however, the tread pattern and compound is less effective than the premium alternative.

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